FAW TRUCKS Warranty and Service
To service the truck under warranty, contact the service center of the dealer network. During the warranty period, FAW Trucks representatives will eliminate defects free of charge and replace parts that have failed due to the fault of the manufacturer. The service covers all FAW Trucks.

The warranty is valid on the condition that the owner of the truck complies with the manufacturer's recommendations for the use of equipment. You can get acquainted with them in the instruction manual and service book.

If you are just buying a car, you can be sure of its working condition and proper appearance. Before the equipment is handed over to the buyer, FAW Trucks dealers carry out pre-sale preparation work regulated by the manufacturer: they fix malfunctions, replace parts if necessary.
Warranty service
General warranty is 3 years or 100,000 km of vehicle run
We invite you to the maintenance of FAW Trucks - a planned preventive measure that helps to keep the equipment in good condition and prevent serious malfunctions.

Maintenance is carried out in two stages:
  • service during the initial period of operation;
  • service during the main period of operation.

We guarantee the reliability of our work, the use of only original components and international level service according to FAW standards.
Before service at the dealer, check the availability of services in the service centers of the dealer network.

Service maintenance
FAW spare parts from the manufacturer are a guarantee of quality and reliability. Engine, gearbox and chassis parts, body parts and components increase the safety of all road users, increase the life of the equipment and reduce its operating cost.

Original spare parts are developed by the manufacturer for each specific model, taking into account its specifics. Before use, they undergo strict quality control, strength and durability tests.

Check the availability of spare parts in the dealer network stores or leave a request on the website.
Spare parts
Service center addresses
OOO «Ideal Service Staff»
Tashkent, Sergeli district, st. Choshtepa , 29


+998 (99) 855-10-40

+998 (99) 742-10-40

OOO «Comtrans Auto Service»
Tashkent city , Bektemir district, Okhangaran highway, 2

+998 (99) 003-88-66
+998 (97) 775-33-30
ООО «Lorry Group»
Republic of Uzbekistan,
Samarkand, st. Oydin , House 9

Phone: +998 (90) 505-11-10
OOO «Kamaz Trak Service»
Republic of Uzbekistan, Navoi region,
Karmana district, Yangiarik Kfy , Talkok

Phone: +998 (97) 919-00-52
OOO «Nukus Kamaz Torg Servis»
Republic of Karakalpakstan, Nukus ,
st . Guzhimli , building 12.

Phone: +998 (99) 955 59 99
ООО «Accord Motors»
Republic of Uzbekistan, Karshi, st. Navoiy , house 42.

Phone: +998 (98) 275 23 22
ООО «Delta Auto Motors»
Tashkent region Almalyk city
st . Ravnak 5 a

Phone: +998 (93) 500 77 33
OOO «Avto Group Trading And Services»
Republic of Uzbekistan, Jizzakh ,
st. O. Azimov , house 1.

Phone: +998 (97) 522-51-15
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